In the current day and age of social media, perfection surrounds us everywhere we look. In the current day and age of “self-love”, people compare themselves to those seen on the websites of their favorite online clothing retailer. Many people know friends and family who struggle with loving who they really are. By learning the hard way, I have come to love every inch of myself, and here is how.
I looked at myself in the mirror.
I looked long and hard at the person that stared back in my direction. The first day was nearly impossible. I could not even look at myself in the mirror for a minute without turning away in disgust. To simply stare yourself down in a mirror is quite odd, and to inspect all your insecurities and imperfections is the worst part. “Why can’t people just see me as beautiful,” I thought to myself. I went to bed that night upset and feeling worse about myself than before.
Then happiness started to overcome me.
I tried again for day two and saw myself no longer as the same girl as yesterday. I became intrigued with myself and was able to stare at my reflection for a longer time. I could muster a smile for the first time. That is when I began to gain my confidence in myself. The feeling I always had inside but regretted to show.
I played music that I loved and belted my heart out all while looking at that girl in the mirror. I played music that made me cry, and I watched the tears slump down my puffy face. Watching your face undergo the changes experienced on a normal basis allowed for me to be more comfortable when I was exposed to real-life situations, as my body allowed me to show how I felt in public without blushing in embarrassment afterwards.
The days passed. I stared for longer and more intensely. I picked out every single one of my flaws, and they slowly ceased to bother me. I dressed better for school because I feel so great about myself when I’m wearing an outfit I feel pretty in. Dressing nicer gave me compliments, which helped to extinguish my self-hate even further. But, some nights were bad, and I just wanted to hide myself in bed. And that’s okay, I understand not everyday is a perfect “I love myself” kind of day. That will always be the goal I work towards to.
The main point is I am no longer saddened to look at myself in the mirror. I consistently see my friends picking and prodding at their shirts and bottoms, complaining about how “ugly” they appear that day. It breaks my heart to see that they don’t love how they look. Self-confidence issues always had held me back in life and caused me to be scared to make conversations with new people out of fear of being judged. That fear went away when I empowered myself to take the steps in loving my body and face.
I love everything about myself, and it only took 30 days to build that love and confidence.
Written by: Reghan