Everybody knows who is 5sos, right? but you need to know too that they.are.not.a.boyband. that's something that make the 5sosfam really upset, i'm part of it.

Okay! so, I want to show you guys the top #5 of the best 5SOS's songs (1st album) where you really can see and listen how talented they are.

1.- Rejects. If you are part of this family, you know and you LOVE this song because is one of the songs that you HAVE to scream, and dance and hate everyone.

2.- Everything I didn't say. Everybody think in "Amnesia" or "Beside you" when is sad, but THIS SONG IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR LIFE. I mean, If you are a girl/boy who broke up with someone, or your heart is just broken for any reason, you NEED to listen this song, and because is A R T .

3.- If you don't know. When you're in a toxic relationship and you don't know what the hell to do, this is your song. If you don't know has a important message, "If you don't know, let me go". It's not the typical love song, is just your voice screaming what you feel inside.

4.- Mrs. All American . Just a sexy song, where you can enjoy michael's voice and jump while you are singing. "No one understands the chemistry we have and it came out of nowhere". By the way, the guitar sounds amazing!!!! I can say that is kind of punk.

5.-Social Casualty. A great, amazing, perfect, rock song. Yes, is rock, did you listen that lyric? is just so cool. Describe perfectly the moment when you just want to run away. "I don't wanna be another social casualty", yes, because you're different, you want to make your life, have you own things and work hard for it. you don't want to be "one of them".

So, that is. 5 Seconds of summer isn't just "She looks so perfect" or "Don't stop", they have incredible songs!