This is my school morning routine, hope you enjoy.

Waking up to the alarm.
School starts at 7:30 for me, so I usually wake up at 6:30/7:00 in order to get in time to school.

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Social media
To help me wake up I like going on social media (Instagram, twitter, snapchat, etc.) for a little while.

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Eat breakfast
After getting out of bed I go to my kitchen and just find something to eat. If it was for me I would skip breakfast just because I'm not that hungry at the time but I force myself to have something. I usually eat a fruit and ALWAYS a glass of water.

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Get changed
I have to wear a uniform so I don't have to worry about choosing an outfit. Also, I don't wear makeup or even brush my hair (Because I have wavy hair and if I brush it gets all frizzy and ugly).

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Bathroom time
The next thing I do is head to the bathroom. First I brush my teeth and after that, I like cleansing my face with a face wash from the brand eucerin and put my day moisturizer that has sunscreen in it. Lastly, I put some lip balm.

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Last steps
At this point it's already almost 7:25 so I head to my room and put some lotion (I like using my victoria secret's coconut passion lotion), some deodorant and throw some perfume (again, victoria secret´s coconut passion perfume).

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I usually finish getting ready at 7:28 but I live like 2 minutes away from my school with a car so i always get there in time.

that's my school morning routine, this is my first article so bear with me and I hope you enjoyed...