Chapter 12: Coffee and Kidnapping

Kaitlyn Jarred

I shove my hands in the pockets of my hoodie, pulling the hood closer to my face. Lucas follows a few streets behind me—I know that Nick told me to come alone, but Lucas had stolen my phone from me and found out about our meeting. Lucas’ own gut is telling him something is wrong, and it feeds into my own worry I had shoved aside.
I enter the coffee shop, appropriately named Heat, and look around for Nick. Not seeing him, I take a two-person table next to the wall. Lucas passes the window and sends a nod to me before taking his position across the street. A cup of coffee is placed beside me and I smile, looking up expecting Nick.
“Jonathon?” My brow puckers and I look around again. “Where’s Nick?”
Jonathon takes the seat across from me, leisurely sipping his coffee, “Not coming.”
My hands clench tighter together. “What do you mean he’s not coming? He said I was in danger. Do you know what’s going on?”
Jonathon takes another long sip of coffee, moving his eyes to a booth in the back of the shop. I follow his gaze and the man from the campaign dinner is sitting there. Meeting my eyes, the man stands and strides over, a massive grin on his face.
“You follow orders wonderfully, Kat. Remember me, I’m Kenneth Frost.” he says when he reaches us and I frown as I notice the shop has emptied.
“What is going on?” I raise my voice and look back at Jonathon to see he has removed a gun from his jacket. I inhale quickly as the barrel is pointed at me.
“You’re in danger. Meet me at the coffee shop near Whittaker Monday after school,” Frost quotes and I abruptly stand, trying to back away.
“No, no, Kaitlyn,” he gestures towards Jonathon’s gun. “On my command, you will be dead.”
I focus on Jonathon, “What would Nick think?”
Jonathon shrugs and stands, “He already knows.”
“You got him too,” I whisper, and Frost chuckles.
“You’ll be a pretty prize as well,” Frost grabs my arm and jerks me forward. My eyes search wildly for Lucas as I’m pulled to the back door of the shop. Jonathon pushes open the door to Lucas pointing a gun at Jonathon’s forehead.
“Guess you didn’t listen completely,” Frost says to me between gritted teeth and grips my arm tighter. “One wrong move, and she’s dead.”
Lucas and I make eye-contact and I must look awfully scared, because Lucas lowers his gun. Jonathon switches the focus of the gun to Lucas and they take us to car that looks like Nick’s. I’m shoved in the back with Frost, who doesn’t release my arm, while Jonathon forces Lucas to drive. The sky has clouded over and I watch as the streets pass by, wondering what my parent’s will do once they’ve found out I’ve been taken.
“Why did you kidnap me?” I spit out. “Is it to get at Nick?”
Frost laughs, “Oh, no, sweetheart. You’ll find out when you’re reunited with your lover.” A shift from Jonathon and the gun keeps me from saying Nick isn’t my lover. My arm is throbbing from the tight hold Frost has on me and when Lucas is told to stop, Frost releases my arm to let me get out. “Don’t run away. You know what will happen if you do.” My eyes find the black barrel of the gun again and I grip Lucas’ arm as we are forced up the path of a very non-descript house. Frost opens the door and yells, “I’m home!”
A woman runs out of a side room and throws herself into his arms and they kiss passionately. My eyes widen at their intense display of affection and I tighten my grip on Lucas’ arm. Jonathon clears his throat and I nearly thank him for ending their display.
“Oh right,” Frost smiles and brings the woman over. “This is Robin, my second in command.”
Lucas snorts, “Not just that, obviously.”
“I’m warning you,” Jonathon gestures to the gun again and Lucas shuts up. We are hustled to a room in the basement.
“Nick!” I cry out as we enter the room and I run over to him. His eyes are red and the bags under his eyes are enormous.
He frowns as I touch his face, “You weren’t supposed to go alone, Kat.”
“I didn’t,” I nod toward Lucas and Nick’s frown deepens.
“You need better bodyguards.”
“So, do you,” I say as I think about Jonathon.
“Touching, really,” Frost places a hand on his heart, before gripping me once again. Lucas steps forward, causing Jonathon to put the gun on him. I’m tied to a chair beside Nick, who is barely containing his anger at the way Frost is treating me. My arms are tied to the armrests, and each leg to the legs of the chairs. At least my arms aren’t behind my back like Nick’s. Lucas is dragged from the room and I try to get Frost to let him stay in here with us.
“Please, he’s not a danger to you anymore,” I plead.
Frost sniffs, “Oh yes he is. The training the Secret Service goes through would be enough to get him, and the two of you out of here.” He pauses and a gunshot, followed by a thump is heard outside the door. I choke back a sob as Frost smiles, “Now that is over, we can begin.”

Nickolas Parkingsons

“You didn’t have to kill him, Frost,” I snap. “Wasn’t Carleton enough?”
Frost taps his chin as Kaitlyn sniffles. My heart aches as I want to comfort her, my anger growing as I watch a single tear fall down her face. I want to hug her and tell her everything will be okay.
But I don’t know if it will be.
“No,” is Frost’s simple answer before he sits down in a chair in front of us. I grind my teeth, but stay silent as I wait for his plan to be revealed. “Now I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here.”
“Get on with it,” Kaitlyn growls and I glance at her to see her sadness turn to fury. “What’s your high and mighty plan, Mister My-Girlfriend-Is-Half-My-Age.” My eyebrows raise at her insult, but Frost only rolls his eyes.
“Cute,” he leans forward with his hands situated in his lap. “Are you done?” Kaitlyn huffs, but remains silent. “Good.”
“Leave her alone,” I come to her defense and he clicks his tongue.
“Your knight in shining armor, huh?” he directs his question to Kaitlyn.
“I’m fine on my own,” she snaps back, without looking at me. I don’t take it personally, but it did sting slightly. Frost sits back in his chair, his eyes flicking to me.
“You pick yourself a feisty one.”
“Don’t talk about me like an object,” Kaitlyn says, bringing his attention back to her.
He hums, letting the subject drop. Robin pops her head into the room, “Boss, she’s here.”
“Who’s here?” I ask as Frost stands.
“I’m coming,” Frost says to Robin, dismissing my question.
“Tell us your plan!” Kaitlyn yells after him, before the door slammed. She’s fuming, as am I. “He’s a jerk!” Kaitlyn yells again, fitting against her bonds. “I want to punch him in the face and kick him in the balls!”
“Kat!” I yell over her and her wild eyes turn to me. “Please, stop. You’re hurting yourself.” She looks down to see blood trickling down her wrists.
“Oh,” she stops, before wincing. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry,” my voice hardens. “None of this is your fault.”
“At least I found you,” she says, looking back up at me, her eyes watering again. “I can’t believe they killed Lucas.”

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