It's currently 11:58. I'm so so late, but in my defense... yesterday was my birthday (01-26-01) I arrived home at 10:00 then I shared a moment with my family while eating pizza and cake, something small but special, it was a family time. That's the reason why I'm so late today, at least later than the usual. Anyway!, today's article is about 5 ways to win my heart.

  • Be empathetic

That means understand other's feelings, respect them and treat them the way you want to to be treated. Don't be mean and think twice before saying what you want to say. There is always a good way to say any thing, just take a few time to think about it.

  • Listen to me

I have these friends who are really talkative and funny, but sometimes when I'm with them I feel like I can't talk and I can't give my own opinions. I know I'm not that talkative but there are times when I appreciate they listen to me.

  • Make me smile or laugh

By giving a compliment or saying a joke, even if it is a bad joke I'll laugh bcause I know that at least you tried. Anyway, by being yourself will be enough to make me smile or laugh, I don't mean that you would be a joke to me, but I hope you got it. Everything is in a good way.

  • Be weird with me

I know myself and I know that if we get to be real friends I won't be normal. I'm the craziest when I'm with my real friends. You may not believe me but my friends do believe me! hehe. So... if you want a piece of my heart, you should understand me and accept me, if you want we can be crazy together.

  • Trust me

What kind of friendship would it be if we don't trust each other, right? But specially I don't like those kind of people who think they know you very well and they say false things about you. I don't want to be arrogant but I consider myself a good friend, so if you want to be my friend it'd be a plessure.

Happily I wrote the article before posting it, I forgot to tell you I had some problems with the wifi. I didn't have internet on my laptop, idk what happened. I hope that does not happen again. Well, that is everything for today, I'm really tired.

Best Wishes For You
Susan Nayeli