Hey, lovelies!
Recently I've been doing a lot more public speaking and I've learned a lot so far. Public speaking is honestly such a useful skill and learning to do it better is so helpful.

- Speak Loudly

Speaking loudly is so incredibly important in a presentation. I mean no one is going to get anything out of your speech if they can't hear you. Make sure you're not yelling though.

- Prepare

Honestly, I can't stress enough how important preparation is. Create bullet points to discuss or, in some cases, memorize the speech. Though, for a simple class presentation, memorizing just the key points is usually fine.

- Confidence

Everyone is nervous to present, but no one has to know that. Hold your head high and keep your shoulders back, smile and speak with as much confidence as you can muster.

- Gestures

Move your hands, make sure to move your shoulders. Emphasize key points with your movements. Make sure to avoid nervous habits such as playing with your hair or your shirt.

- Emphasis, and not monotone

Make sure to emphasize certain words with your voice. Speak faster or slower. Paint a picture in your audience's mind. Add strategic pauses to let your audience absorb the information.


This was pretty damn boring but I hope at least someone found it helpful. Either way, I haven't been posting often do to the stress of school.

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ilyasm thank you so much for reading, have a good day!