Hello people!
@alana_mae_m created the #StayWithMe project that has the role of helping people who go through some metal problem, such as depression. I found this initiative very cool, so to contribute to this project, I'm doing this post with tips that everyone can follow to feel happier, see:

To value oneself

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Always try to value yourself, love yourself, stop criticizing yourself for anything, if you look in the mirror and see how incredible you are.

Give value to simple things

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Happiness is not something to be found only in great things, but true happiness is often found in the simplest things in life, those things that are simple in our everyday life. Things like, family meal, go to watch a movie at the movies, hang out with friends, etc. ... are simple things, more fun. So try to value and enjoy the simple things in your life.

Make a list of gratitude

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Make a list of things that you are very grateful, put on this list everything that you are very grateful in your life and leave this list where you can always see.

Make a list of your goals

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Make a list of your goals, put all your concrete goals, may be those goals simpler, such as spend more time with people you love or even great goals, such as visiting various cities in the world. Make this list and work hard to accomplish all the goals.

Be with the people you love

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Spend more time with people you love, with family, with your friends or boyfriend. It is when you are in the company of these people, seek to have fun and make those moments in good memories to remember later.

Make new friends

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Try to meet new people, go to different places, and make new friends, but friends who will do you good.

Do not compare yourself to other people

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Stop comparing other people, each person and in a way, things happen in a unique way for each person, instead of wanting to be equal to others, try to be your best version.

Do exercises

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Doing exercise leaves your body healthier and your mind as well. Research indicates that doing physical exercises makes people happier, so try sports or other physical activities.

Be positive

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Try to be more positive when you get things done. Let go of that pesimismo that sometimes can have disrupts, being positive you become more active to do things.

Make an animated playlist

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Select several well-animated songs that you like to hear and play when you feel bored. Put the playlist to play, then sing and dance, be happy.

Do what you love

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Take time to do something you like, something that makes you happy, like playing guitar, cooking, shopping, etc.

Smile more

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Try to smile but smile at other people, a smile can change someone's day, it's more important, smile at yourself.

Do something for someone

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Do something for someone or help someone, we bring a very good feeling afterwards, so do something for the people, happiness also comes through the happiness of the other.

We are not always happy

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It may seem ridiculous to say such a thing in an article of this, but the truth is that we will not always be happy, sometimes we become discouraged ... sometimes we are sad and sometimes we are happy is something that is part of the life of any person.

Well, that's what I hope you enjoyed, and I hope it has helped to make you feel happier.