Lately everybody has been asking me "why are you a feminist?".
The answer it´s pretty simple: Equality of sexes.
"But how can you say that girls and boys have, act or get the same?"
A person shouldn´t be judged by their sex or gender or race, color, eyes, height, etc. This is something so basic and that we should all know, so why would a girl/woman be less than a man? (so stupid?)

(Let me tell you I have no intentions to offend anyone, I just wanted you to know what it means to me and some other points.)

Feminist it´s not about women being more than men, but for all of us to be treated with the same respect, to get what we deserve.
I know this is such a delicate subject to talk about, Why? Because in our society we haven´t learned to accept other´s people opinions and point of views.

So, feminism is a way of, not thinking, but living with the idea that girls and boys have the same chances and deserve the same oportunities as the other. To see each other as equals, support and competitors in a healthy and honest way.
I believe this article it´s not what you expected, I just invite you to know about a subject if you are going to talk about it and to respect everyone.
Actually I´d be very happy if somone with more knowledge than me taught me something, let´s stop this pride and get in line people.

I apologize if this seems rude to anyone but I won´t apologize for speaking my mind.
Thanks for reading, I love you if you read it all hahaha
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