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if i was a season ;

picnic image brown, girly, and hair image
warm weather, warmer heart; sunny days, sunnier smiles.

if i was a month ;

flowers and nature image book, nature, and summer image
the beginning of summer; the beautiful month of spring. flowers, butterflies, sunshine, freshness. “april showers bring may flowers.”

if i was an element ;

forest, nature, and tree image flowers, nature, and mountains image
bare feet against lush grass, fields and valleys of endless flowers, dancing trees, the fragrance of fresh air, birds singing, rushing streams, all of nature and its sounds and its creatures.

if i was an animal ;

elephant, animal, and nature image Image by waitwhct
fantastic memory. naturally intelligent. family oriented. love people. found in warm climates. friendly. payful.

if i was a flower ;

flowers, sunflower, and yellow image yellow, sunflower, and flowers image
bright, sturdy, beautiful. always facing the sun; looking on the bright side. joyful.

if i was a city ;

paris, flowers, and france image Image by Lidor
elegance, structure, simplicity, beauty. sophistication and poise. drawing your wispy curtains after watching a rosy sunset beyond the eiffel tower. pastries from cafes. books on terraces and balconies. brick paths and detailed buildings. overflowing with life and love.

if i was a color ;

Image by bajs empowering, empowerment, and girl power image
soft, warm, summery, pretty. pink, orange, and yellow hues. my favorite colors in one. delicate. sweet.

if i was a word ;

quotes, joy, and today image Image by ⚘
(literally) my middle name. hopeful, positive, always brimming with happiness and naturally looks on the bright side and finds good in everyone easily. “joy is a permanent possession while happiness is fleeting.”

if i was a book ;

the sun and her flowers ; by rupi kaur.
books, cozy, and jane austen image book and the sun and her flowers image
wilting, falling, rooting, rising, blooming. growth, happiness and wholeness. a celebration of love in all its forms.

if i was a movie ;

breakfast at tiffany's.
audrey hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and tiffany image
“a struggling writer moves into a new york apartment building and becomes intrigued by his pretty, quirky neighbor. ; a young new york socialite becomes interested in a young man who has moved into her apartment building, but her past threatens to get in the way.” holly golightly is tall, confident, poised, and beautiful. she lives her life as she wants and doesn’t care what anyone thinks and she doesn’t accept drinks from disapproving gentleman. yet despite all that she is, she is also completely and utterly lost. she is forgetful and terrible with finances. but she is loved. in the end, there is one person that sees through her flaws and wants nothing more than to love her. maybe that type of thing only exists in movies like breakfast at tiffany’s, but i’d like to think that it exists in real life, too.

if i was a tv show ;

the office.
the office, quotes, and funny image dwight, dwight schrute, and funny image quotes image Image by TIRED
dry humor, existential crises, awkward silences and situations, side glances, sarcasm, a little petty, mostly confused. friendships, loves, simple lives.

if i was a disney princess ;

disney, princess, and tangled image Image by Salome ツ
full of passion and hope for the world and people around her. joyful. fearless. desire for adventure and experiences. enjoys the small things and being outdoors. instinctively kind and loving. positive and sees the best in everyone.

if i was a song ;

i'll keep on ; by nf feat. jeremiah carlson
clouds, color, and colorful image travel, car, and nature image
“i am just a person. but thank the lord that i serve a God that's perfect.” “i am not ashamed, i don't care if they remember me. my life will always have a hole if You are not the center piece.” a song of hope and changing your life for the better. laying everything down and letting God have it all. an anthem of compassion; a prayer of tribulation. the feeling of watching a sunrise and being overwhelmed with the beauty of the sky, driving in the car in the summertime, basking in the warm breeze and feeling God's presence..

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