hello everyone, i hope you´re having an amazing day! ✨

i´ve been scrolling through weheartit lately on the "discover" page, and i have to say - wow! there´s so many perfect pictures on this page. its so amazing what inspiration we get from these photos. fashion, art, makeup - every little thing!

what i think is negative about some of these pictures is the huuuge amount of pressure they send out to many, many people around this world who use weheartit. especially the pictures of these perfect girls or boys who have the perfect look and body. and its so many of them! i am soo happy that many people find inspiration in these photos, working for a healthier body etc. but its for all the wrong reasons! don't do it because you want to look like something else, do it for YOU!

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i know this is a common opinion amongst many today. but on weheartit i see these perfect pictures everyday, and i keep thinking about the young girls who haven't grown up yet and realized that it isn't important to look perfect. i am not saying you should stop posting perfect pictures, but just think for a bit. is this a healthy way of sending out inspiration? of course you should have goals and of course its completely normal to have the desire of being perfect. but don't feel sad that your life doesn't look like those pictures, cause only 1% or less in this world has gotten there. and how do you know if they´re happy? maybe they aren't. just please, please don't make your life harder by wanting to be the people in those pictures. its not worth it. its worth it if you WANT to make your body healthier, or want to get a new fashion style.

✨ beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself
- coco chanel
i hope you have a wonderful day, thank you if you read this. 💫