Hi everyone, this is my first article, I haven’t been in WEHEARTIT in a while, but I just decide that this year should be different.

My name is Sophia, and it’s a pleasure to meet those who read this silly, boring article (it’s my first article so don’t blame me).

I joined this website in 2010 I was 11 by the time. Puberty was hitting me by the time and I was discovering the internet, at some point I don’t how I got here, and I liked, I liked the idea of share what you wanted to say by pictures, and it’s been a great help for imagination. So i decided to stay here, and become part of this great community. I had another account before but few years later I open a new one. Silly...

I born in Honduras, August 1999. But since all the corruption and the shitty administration of the government, I had to moved to the United States with my mom, escaping from the political parties and my dad (my dad cuz he wanted me to stay and grow up in a miserable environment full of negativity and less liberty, Honduras is not as free as United States). Luckily I knew English when I came here, I was really shy and I hated it, but through the years I improved it ( I also apologize if there’s something that I misspelled, but just to let you know I speak two languages, and I still learning more of both of them everyday)

I was 13 by the time when I came to U.S.A struggling with puberty, leaving my home, my dog, my friends, my grandma, my entire life and also with thing of becoming a teenager and liking boys. I grew in a big city, San Pedro Sula, is not big as New York City, but is one of favorite places in this world. Many people says that is really, really dangerous, and they might be right, but I don't feel scare about it, I feel brave and I feel I can deal with it. It's obvious, it's where I come from. And well, I just came here to New Jersey, to start a new chapter in my life. Forcing myself to forget my entire life in Honduras, including myself. Miserable, isn't? Even forget yourself it's a bad thing. I wasn't a great human being neither, but I was happy anyways. I also had issues in my old life but I knew what was happiness. Since that time, Depression came to my life, with anxiety and full of insecurities. And there was We Heart it. My favorite website of the internet. I used to have this old computer that I got rid of last year. and I used to stay here for hours. for days. It used to distract me of the bad things I had around. And it also help to find my new-self,
It helped, I'm not as happy as I used to be before, But I feel great about myself, I might not be perfect, no one is, but the best feeling that a human being can feel is feel good with yourself. (which I still discovering).

In my new school here in New Jersey, I decided to start writing, writing silly things, writing about my teachers, about my friends and then I discovered that I wasn't a really bad writer at all. But the only ones who have seen what I write are just my teachers and some friends. But today after 2 years, I decided to share with others, and I think the world is also ready to know more about me. Through all these years I've been here, growing up, being a "normal" girl, trying to be better person for this world and learning how to follow my dreams and don't giving a fuck about anybody else.

And here I am, ready to share my thoughts with others, and hoping to help others in here.

I hoped you liked my first silly article folks....