Hi everyone, so I was a little bit bored and I found those "Do this if you're bored " articles. (@tubelover56 @Aly_Insanity @tomlinsonclouds)

  • Coffee or tea ?
  • Black and white or color ?
  • Drawings or paintings ?
  • Dresses or skirts ?
coffee, book, and aesthetic image sky, clouds, and nature image love, art, and couple image girl, black and white, and dress image
coffee . color . drawings . dresses
  • Books or movies ?
  • Pepsi or Coke ?
  • Chinese or Italian ?
  • Early bird or night owl ?
book, coffee, and nails image pink, coca cola, and drink image pizza, food, and yummy image girl, city, and red image
books . coca cola . italian food for sure . and i'm a night person
  • Chocolate or vanilla ?
  • Introvert or extrovert ?
  • Hugs or kisses ?
  • Hunting or fishing ?
Image by Rafaela Fries social, grunge, and black and white image couple, love, and goals image love, couple, and cute image
chocolate . introvert . hugs hugs hugs . fishing
  • Winter or summer?
  • Spring or Autumn?
  • Rural or urban ?
  • PC or Mac ?
Image by jenny autumn, fall, and rain image nature, mountains, and summer image coffee, food, and ahs image
summer . autumn . rural . pc
  • Tan or pale ?
  • Cake or pie ?
  • Ice cream or yogurt ?
  • Ketchup or mustard?
beauty, quotes, and skin image cake, satan, and funny image Image by •мηdez• ketchup, fries, and art image
i don't have a preference for skin color, but if you want to know, i'm very pale . cake . ice cream . ketchup
  • Sweet pickles or dill pickles ?
  • Comedy or mystery ?
  • Boots or sandals ?
  • Silver or gold ?
nope, tired, and infj image raven, bird, and white image Image by springkg necklace, gold, and jewelry image
i hate pickles . mystery . boots . gold
  • Pop or Rock ?
  • Dancing or singing ?
  • Checkers or chess ?
  • Board games or video games ?
arctic monkeys, r u mine, and alex turner image authentic, dance, and soul image Image removed vintage image
rock for sure . dancing is funnier . chess . video games
  • Wine or beer ?
  • Freckles or dimples ?
  • Honey mustard or BBQ sauce ?
  • Body weight exercises or lifting weights ?
beer, sea, and spain image girl, eyes, and green image beans, chinese, and food image fitness, workout, and fit image
beer, i don't like wine (what a shame for a french i know) . freckles . BBQ sauce (by the way what the f*** is honey mustard ???) . body weight exercises
  • Baseball or basketball ?
  • Crossword puzzles or sudokus ?
  • Facial hair or clean shaven ?
  • Crushed ice or cubed ice ?
Basketball, article, and sport image sudoku, photography, and vintage image Temporarily removed ice, blue, and wallpaper image
basketball . sudoku . beard . cubed ice
  • Skiing or snowboarding ?
  • Smile or game face ?
  • Bracelet or necklace ?
  • Fruit or vegetables ?
nope, tired, and infj image white, lies, and light image accesories, style, and fashion image peach, fruit, and food image
never try skiing or snowboarding . game face . necklace . fruits
  • Sausage or bacon ?
  • Scrambled or fried ?
  • Dark chocolate or white chocolate ?
  • Tattoos or piercings ?
food, breakfast, and bacon image food, fries, and delicious image banana, chocolate, and chocolate bar image tattoo, flowers, and black image
bacon, everybody like bacon . fried (how bad does it sound ?) . you guys have no idea how much i love white chocolate . tattoos
  • Antique or brand new ?
  • Dress up or dress down ?
  • Cowboys or aliens ?
  • Cats or dogs ?
book, piano, and home image girl, coffee, and blonde image country, cowboy, and boots image Image by Camila
antique . dress down . cowboys . cats
  • Pancakes or waffles ?
  • Bond or Bourne ?
  • Sci-Fi or fantasy ?
  • Numbers or letters ?
Image removed boy, Hot, and men image Image removed love, french, and wall image

waffles . probably Bourne . fantasy . letters

  • Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings ?
  • Fair or theme park ?
  • Money or fame ?
  • Washing dishes or doing laundry ?
book, harry potter, and hogwarts image vans, night, and light image buddhism, caricature, and china image girl, indie, and tumblr image
harry potter . fair . "good" fame . laundry
  • Snakes or sharks ?
  • Orange juice or apple juice ?
  • Sunrise or sunset ?
  • Slacker or over-achiever ?
snake, black, and nails image orange, fruit, and food image sky, pink, and city image girl, white, and bath image
snakes . orange juice . sunset . slacker
  • Pen or pencil ?
  • Peanut butter or jelly ?
  • Grammys or Oscars ?
  • Detailed or abstract ?
bear, art, and drawing image nope, tired, and infj image Academy Awards, film, and 2018 image Image by Intricate Syndacate
pen . never taste neither . oscar . abstract
  • Multiple choice questions or essay questions ?
  • Adventurous or cautious ?
  • Saver or spender ?
  • Glasses or contacts ?
study, music, and school image aesthetic, awesome, and hair image shopping and money spender image Image by ☽ Lαdєє S ☾
essay questions . adventurous . spender (oups) . glasses can be so charming
  • Laptop or desktop ?
  • Classic or modern ?
  • Personal chef or personal fitness trainer ?
  • Internet or cell phone ?
motivation, school, and study image idk, idc, and grunge image food, kitchen, and cook image Image removed
laptop . i don't know . personal chef (i like cooking so much) . internet
  • Call or text ?
  • Curly hair or straight hair ?
  • Shower in the morning or shower in the evening ?
  • Spicy or mild ?
Hot, evil, and text image hair, flowers, and red image bed, girl, and morning image food and sweet image
text . curly hair . morning shower . mild
  • Marvel or DC ?
  • Paying a mortgage or paying rent ?
  • Sky dive or bungee jump ?
  • Oreos or Chips Ahoy ?
art, wonder woman, and dc comics image bed, room, and bedroom image city, sky, and fly image oreo, food, and ice cream image
dc . paying rent . bungee jump . oreos
  • Jello or pudding ?
  • Truth or dare ?
  • Roller coaster or Ferris wheel ?
  • Leather or denim ?
the office, funny, and stuff image truth, quotes, and speak image Image by Intricate Syndacate Image removed
jello . truth . roller coaster . leather
  • Stripes or solids ?
  • Bagels or muffins ?
  • Whole wheat or white ?
  • Beads or pearls ?
black, fashion, and style image food, bagel, and healthy image Image by Patimat body, pearls, and skin image
solids . bagels . white . pearls
  • Hardwood or carpet ?
  • Bright colors or neutral tones ?
  • Be older than you are or younger than you are ?
  • Raisins or nuts ?
Europa, germany, and travel image beige, brown, and bambi image feet, kids, and forest image grape, yellow, and inspiration image
hardwood . neutral tones . younger, i wish i could be a child once again to be carefree and amazed all the time again . raisins
  • Picnic or nice restaurant ?
  • Black leather or brown leather ?
  • Long hair or short hair ?
  • “Ready, aim, fire” or “Ready, fire, aim” ?
beauty, food, and FRUiTS image Image by M•A•R•T•U body, forest, and tattoo image life, funny, and black and white image
picnic . black leather . long hair . ready fire aim
  • Fiction or non-fiction ?
  • Smoking or non-smoking? ?
  • Think before you talk or talk before you think ?
  • Asking questions or answering questions ?
paper town, città di carta, and gif image Image removed 10 things i hate about you, movie, and quotes image girl, storm, and rain image
fiction . smoking . depend of the situation . answering questions