calle, cielo, and colors image
  • Wake up at 5 A.M., the rays of the morning sun holding your skin, so delicated... The alarm play your morning playlist on Spotify just to make you fell better...
beck, hair, and bed image
  • You go to the toilet and do your things, brushing your teeth and smiling to the mirror
grunge, pale, and hipster image
  • You drink a glass of water and smile, cause you have water to drink
black, black and white, and fitness image
  • Lengthen your lazy body and make it okay again
beautiful, blonde, and girl image
split, workout, and fitness image
  • Now you have to walk for 30 minutes to stay active and positive for the rest of the day!
exercise and walk? image
  • Take a shower to show us how beautiful you are with your wet body
Mature image
  • Get dressed, you can't go naked to school!
hair, quiet, and retro image
  • Make the best Breakfast you can, to your parents and to your brother! Try new recipes!
beautiful, breakfast, and brunch image
  • Brush your teeths again babe <3
girl, photography, and teeth image
  • Just take your shoes and go to school, you have to study like, forever, lol... MATH IS THE FIRST CLASSA YAY!!
hair, braid, and blonde image
  • Lucky and love, Mag <3