Hey guys, in this article I will show you some do's and don'ts when it comes to choosing an outfit during your period

1. Don't wear any white jeans, skirts or joggers !

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I know that white jeans, skirts or joggers are cute and make an outfit look amazing - but you might end up ruining your perfect white bottoms with period stains, which we all know can be very hard to clean off. Wearing white bottoms also puts at a risk of walking around in public with very noticeable period stains on your bottoms - which we all know, can be extremely embarrassing.

2. Wear black leggings or sweatpants

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Black leggings and joggers are not only nice and comfy to wear when you're on your period, but they also hide any potential period stains that may show up on your leggings. So, if you're worried about any period stains seeping through your clothing, choose very black and thick leggings cause they'll make period stains less noticeable.

Leggings are breathable and movable - which makes them the perfect bottoms to wear on your period.

3. Don't wear skinny jeans

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Skinny jeans are fine any other time of the month, however, during your period they can be restrictive and uncomfortable to wear. They are also hard to take off and put on when you want to change your pad or tampon regularly. On top of this, wearing skinny jeans while you're experiencing extremely painful cramps is horrible because the waist band on skinny jeans is really tight around your stomach - making you feel confined.

Instead of skinny jeans, you can wear mom-jeans instead, because they are way more comfier to wear than skinny jeans.

4. Wear a sweater

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Wear an oversized cute sweater or hoodie during your period because it helps hide any stains that you may have on your pants and, it hides the outline of your pad from being visible on your pants.

If you wear a fashionable sweater, then no one would even notice that you're trying to hide any period stains. They'd just think that you're just trying to look stylish.

5. Don't wear bodysuits

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Leave your bodysuits in your closets for now, until your period ends because bodysuits are such a hassle to remove when using the bathroom - so I wouldn't recommend that you wear a bodysuit during the time of the month.

Thanks for reading :) ♡

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