My first article was about starting all over and words and how they have power and energy.

This article is pretty much similar, at least about the subject of the words and my experience with that.

I remember when I was like fourteen, some guy, like a friend of a friend of a friend, told my best friend that he thought that I was horrible, like really ugly and she was telling me because she was my friend and stuff.

I didn't take it personal because I wasn't a friend of his or anything, he wasn't important in my life.

But I did thought that he was cute, and if he was a cute boy and had that in mind then every cute boy would so I grew up with that.

There's no need to say how hard I've always been on myself since I was really young and it was all me. I was never bullied or said that kind of words to my face, never, but my biggest enemy was in the mirorr.

Whenever I felt atractted to someone I would just let it go because, in my mind, I didn't have a chance anyway.

I was never told to be strong or that I was pretty (And if someone did I would NEVER believe it)... As I grew up I started to think that the negative thinking wasn't working, it did nothing, nothing helpful, nothing positive and if no one was going to love me (As I used to think) I had to love myself and that's what I did.

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I had to be strong because there was a long road ahead me and wasting it by being sad and insecure all the time wasn't worth it so I started smiling more and started seeing love in my life.

My friends love me, my family loves me, even my pup loves me and I LOVE ME!

I love my smile, my eyes, my hair, my height, my body.

Somedays I get sad of course and somedays I don't feel that secure about myself but those are not that often as before and I'm damn glad for it, I feel enough and deserving of love, as we all should because we all are.

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Embrace it !

My point here is that WORDS CAN HURT ! ! !

They can make an impact in someones life and there may not be a turn back from there so please be careful with words, use them in a positive way because there's no point in negative stuff.

This came to my mind because I saw a clip on instagram about Kylie Jenner talking about her lips, and how she started feeling insecure about how thin they were because her first kiss told her that she wasn't going to be a good kisser because how thin her lips were.

Do yo understand the impact of those words?

How insecure can they make someone feel?

Words are important and so are people so again, please be careful <3

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This was longer than I expected and if you're still reading THANK YOU -
Hilber xx

(English is not my first language so I apologize for any mistakes, also, the cover image has not much to do with the whole article lol)