It was just another night dancing with the devil. His touch burning my skin in every move we made. His fingers tracing my body as if it was his.
— Are you happy now? He asked me making me spin and then press my body against his. Here you have everything you could ever want and desire... Including me.
His eyes locked in mine until I look away.
— How can I be happy in a place like this and with someone like you?
He makes me spin again and again and again until dizziness controls me... And I'm in his arms once more.
— I give you everything. Jewelry, wealth, pleasure and love.
— Love? I say displeased. You're never here for me.
— But everytime I come back I bring you beautiful pieces of jewelry.
— And why do I need so much wealth when I can never have your attention and care?
— But I give you pleasure... And you know it. He grins, that naughty smile he always gives to me in sexual moments.
— But that's the thing... I say. To you I'm nothing more than a diversion, you have me whenever you want. Love is not about giving gifts to compensate your lack of care, attention and love... I do not need expensive jewelry because you give them not to show you love me but to make you feel like you own me. And if this is love then this is not hell.

— JudithTR