As I said in one of my articles, I really like watching
on YouTube and I really suggest you go and check him out. The things that I'm about to write down I learned from one of his videos. Enjoy♡

So everybody wants to be successful right? Well that requires hard work and consistency. Also success is a different thing for everyone, but whatever you want to achieve in your life requires discipline. Here are 3 key things you need to do.

  • Create a vision.

This is really the first step to creating a passionate life. You need to visualize everyday the thing you really want. Also this thing may seem like an easy thing to do, but trust me, this is hard work. This will motivate you the keep moving forward. When you're about to slip, you need to think about your vision, it will stop you from quiting.

  • Learn and research

You need to do a lot of research on how you are going to achieve the thing that you want. This is pretty self explanatory, but is really important to find a way on making you goal happen.

  • Hard work

This is the final "phase" on the path of creating success. Now that you know you vision and you did a lot of research, the only thing left is to follow up on those leads and you acutally try to actualize those. This is the part where most people quit. Consistency is really important in this phase and quiting is the worst enemy here. Your mind is going to trick you into quiting with finding every possible excuse. You got to refocus and keep your eye on the prize, and make sure whatever you do, you don't quit!

Thank you so much for reading ♡