1) Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You xo

It is most crucial to push yourself to get out of your cute, comfort zone. So that you are able to grow and gain confidence x

I suggest making a list of things you want to do, but are too nervous to do. You can even write things that you thought you'd never have the opportunity to do. Next to each thing write down why you're afraid to do it and how you will overcome it.

2) Get Inspired xo

~ Watch movies & Netflix series which motivate you
~ Watch motivational YouTube videos or just watch your favourite Youtubers who inspire you
~ Create a WHI collection of motivational quotes, your goals, people, things and places which also inspire you

Remember to surround yourself with positive people and things which make you feel your best! When you're happy with yourself and what you are doing in life, you will be so inspired and so busy might I add doing what makes you happy, surrounded by people who make you happy. You won't have time to care about what people think.

3) Self Care xo

~ Eat Healthier
~ Drink More Water
~ Get Enough Sleep
~ Skin Care
~ Hair Care
~ Exercise

When we look after ourselves and feel healthy it has a positive effect on our emotions and how we perceive ourselves. When we feel gross we don't feel confident at all!

4) Self Love & Self Growth xo

This ties in with the previous point but is more of the emotional and mental care rather than physical.

Make time to do things you enjoy whether you like drawing, sport, dancing,reading, make up art , bullet journaling the list is endless
Work every day to create the life you want to live and to create the person you want to become. Write down your goals and work towards them.

Alright love ya boss babes, mwah xx