When you accept yourself, when you love yourself just as the way you are, that's when you set yourself free.

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When you make mistakes, but you stand up right away, without being so harsh on yourself, but you keep loving yourself. You will feel free.

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When you do things from your self-love and the love you feel for others, and you do them because it's what your heart says so, without caring about what people that doesn't really matter would think, you will feel free.

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"Acceptance from yourself is far more important than acceptance from others."

When you look at yourself in the mirror, and you love every inch of you, that is freedom.

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Take risks, do whatever you want with your life, don't be afraid, don't be scared of being judged, listen to your heart, listen to your soul, and do what feels right for you. That is freedom.

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Focus on YOUR world in order to be happy, if your inner self is happy, everything will turn out wonderfuly. Focus on building it based on what makes your soul shine, and, what makes your heart feel fulfilled.

It will surprise you how everything starts to fall into place.

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— V. x