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Today im gonna share some of my favorite quotes from the queen Lana Del Rey! I literally love all of her songs and they always sound so poetic! Hope you enjoy!
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From the Born to Die Album (Paradise Edition)

"The road is long, we carry on and try to have fun in the meantime" (Born to Die soundtrack)

"And when im in war with myself I ride, I just ride" (from the speaking part in the Ride music video)

"Its alarming honestly how charming she can be"(Carmen soundtrack)

"Every now and then the star align, boy and girl meet by the great design" (Lucky Ones soundtrack)

"The prettiest in the crowd that you had ever seen, ribbons in our hair and our eyes gleamed mean" (This Is What Makes Us Girls soundtrack)

From the Ultraviolence Album_

"Sun and ocean blue, their magnificence it don't make sense to you" (Black Beauty soundtrack)

" Get a little bit of bourbon in ya, get a little bit suburban and go crazy" (Cruel World soundtrack)

"Blue hydrangea, cold cash, divine, cashmere, cologne and white sunshine" (Old Money soundtrack, btw one of my fav songs of all time)

"I was filled with poison, but blessed with beauty and rage" (Ultraviolence track)

"All the pretty stars shine for you, my love" (Pretty when I cry soundtrack)

From the Honeymoon Album

"Baby if you wanna leave, come to California be a freak, like me, too" (Freak soundtrack)

"A little party never hurt no one, we were born to be free"(Artdeco soundtrack)

"Sometimes I wake up in the morning to red, blue and yellow skies, its so crazy, I could drink it like tequila sunrise" (God Knows I Tried soundtrack)

"Nothing gold can stay, like love or lemonade, like sun or summer days, its all a game to me, anyway" (Music To Watch Boys To soundtrack)

"You're my religion, you're how im living" (Religion soundtrack)

From the Lust For Life Album

"You get ready, you get all dressed up, to go nowhere in particular, back to work or the coffee shop, doesn't matter because its enough to be young and in love" (Love soundtrack)

"Cause we're the masters of our own fate, and the captains of our own souls" (Lust For Life soundtrack)

"But I still get lonely, and baby, only then do I let my self recline, can I let go, and let your memory dance, in the ballroom of my mind" (13 Beaches soundtrack)

"There's something in the wind, I can feel it blowing in, its coming in softly in the wings of a bomb" (Change soundtrack)

"White lies and black beaches and blood red sangrias, we travel for weeks just to escape our demons" (Summer Bummer soundtrack)

So that is it! I really love Lana's songs and you guys will probably see them a lot in my monthly playlist!
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