soo I wrote this when I sat on the bus this morning. I looked out of the window and saw two birds surfing the wind. Idk but words just sorta came to me. At first I thought I was writing a songlyrics but I can't think of a melody, so the thought that it could be a poem came to my mind. I don't know anything about poetry so, my dear followers, please tell me what you think of it!

I see birds soaring in the sky, if I was a bird where would I fly?
probably far, far away from here, although I would still keep you near
you would be a bird, a bird too, and I would never be apart from you
for each other we would die, always have each other's backs, you and I
for no one else in the world we would have to care, a sacred bond us two would share
nothing could knock us down, not the wildest storm, no matter how cold, we would keep each other warm
and if someday it goes quiet in your chest, forever with you I will rest
for when you can no longer fly, I too, at the same second, will die