hello, babies, how are you? I hope well!

today I came here to show you one of my favorite subjects: themes! I just love to organize them and love even more to show you! (remembering that not all the images in this article were edited by me, I randomly picked them up here at whi and if you know who edited them tell me that I give the credits!)

but let's get down to business, here are the themes!

— mint

car, vintage, and pastel image mint image hair, white, and grunge image aesthetic, green, and mint image

— pastel pink&blue

rainbow, pink, and sky image pink, beach, and pastel image pastel, pink, and aesthetic image pastel, pink, and indie image

— soft orange

food, yummy, and sweet image aesthetic and peach image fruit, aesthetic, and summer image aesthetic, soft, and fruit image

— soft baby pink

pink and fashion image girly, grunge, and ribbon image pastel, pink, and soft image fashion, pink, and pastel image

— burgundy

car, red, and burgundy image burgundy image rose and burgundy image psychic, theme, and dark image

and that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed!

Ana ♡


if you guys want to take a look, here's the collection with all the images!

and here's my page!