Here's a poem that I wrote last night, I quite like it. I hope you do.

Love, Katelyn


I'm Scared
I hear a plane and I duck,
And as I duck, I look up,
When I don't see a bomb
I see a line of poison
Take a moment for those lost
And a "why" for those losing.

Nature used to make me feel happy,
And free.
But now I just look at the sky
And see the chem-trails mixing
With the clouds oozing out of the
Industrial Revolution-
Feel the heat on my skin but it's
Too hot - it's too hot for England!
I go to the sea and it's creeping
Every day, rising as we speak,
I cry.

With some crystals in each fist, I say "I'll change the world."
"I'll save the planet."

But even I find myself buying unnecessary plastic

I find myself angry at others,
Confused and Distraught.
I'm angry at the people who don't care to change
And those who "can't be bothered!"
I'm angry at the government for killing my mother
I'm angry at the government for killing - mothers
I'm angry at the world but that's just my "teenager"

Teenagers are angry because they're old enough to know but young enough to care
They're dumb enough to know and they're dumb enough to care

I don't know if I want to age into ignorance,
Because I've heard it's bliss.
I don't know if I'll have time,
Or if I'll be interrupted by the blitz.