I love these verses as much as you ...This is just our story, listen ..
You were alone, and I stood there, found love, but not the path leading to your heart, to those hidden secrets of those loving fairy tales, but
Thoughts are giving me back in the past. I remember everything, I was looking for a number and I ran older
It loses meaning, it's different now, when you look at me in my eyes, I want it to last
I give you my heart, cut the name of the place, if you leave me
that I follow you everywhere
I give you my lips, never to be defeated
Now I give you my life, and sometimes I knew myself in the passage
I just want to be with you, and with my whole heart to be with you, to be with you
This song..One life...Like I'm breathing ..And you are one...Love..
I still believe in love only, maybe I exaggerate sometimes, every time
But I know one thing well, that you are the one who knows
And whenever I wake up, I look at the phone, I see a message from last night, "I love you good luck!",
And when you look at me in the eye, tell me what you see here, except a bunch of what I do not want to hear
And if I go to another, I'm aware of what I'm going to lose
Then I figure out how much I value it to be worth more than love
More than a verse, a smile, you know when you smile, then you put your face, it smiles me
And there's a lot of that, so it can not fit in a song, I have a thousand books, but only one notebook, I have a thousand worries, but only one luck, although I'm often sad, I want to see you happy

To be with you....<33