Hey boy,
I wanted to call you tonight
And let you know that you were wrong.
You were wrong for leading me on
And taking that picture.

You were wrong
For smiling the way you did,
For asking me how I was doing.
You shouldn’t have.
And you shouldn’t have written your name on that paper.
Neither should you have talked about the flaws of your ex.

You were out of line
Talking about the lake
And asking me what I love about life.
You were way beyond the line
When your eyes glistened at me.
And when you let me swing on top of the world.

You were at fault
When you waited for me on that bridge.
You were mistaken
When you complimented my French.
And you weren’t thoughtful
When you talked about your house,
In a way I would ever see it.

I wanted to call you
To tell you that you shouldn’t act like you give people the world
And then only give them a sea to drown in.
I wanted to call you
To tell you that you shouldn’t try to light fireworks
With someone who hates sparks.

I wanted to call you
To give you a last chance,
To explain you’ve been on my mind tonight,
To tell you that I loved your name
And our afternoon.
And to ask you if you knew
You were wrong.

I wanted to call you
But you didn’t give me your number.

Written by Astrid Van wal
WHI Recognized Writer
© @writingaboutyou
original content copyright, all rights reserved.

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