In order to live
you need to find out what life is all about.
You shall see all the bright places
so when after your death
your soul becomes stardust again
you can tell the stars
that you've seen bits of them
on earth too
and that they magnified your nights
of thoughtful conversation
with the love of your life
and glasses of wine
hearing the waves crushing to the shore.
And you can tell them
what life really is all about.
That it is about truly being able
to live truly and utterly.

stars, night, and moon image

Don't you ever complain
about your life.
For your life lies in your own hands
and you have no right in crying for its cruelty
when it's yourself who can change everything.
It's in your hands whether you change your life
for better or for worse
but trust me, if you aren't happy
do something about it
don't just sit around.
Take action and do everything you ever wanted.
And achieve what you set your mind to.

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Be as you wish to be
nobody is stopping you
except yourself.
Overcome your fears
and embrace your weirdness
so that when death knocks at your door
you can tell it
that you've truly seen life
now you are ready to see death.

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You, my dear, are made of stardust
and of an infinity of microscopically small atoms
and of water and air in your body
of hellfire in your eyes when angry
and holywater when happy.
How could you say that you're not a child of the universe?

- A.M.

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