soooo my last article was about being and loving yourself and today I decided to write about being more confident because I feel like if you feel more comfortable with yourself and start loving yourself you will gain more confidence. I have to admit I used to be sooooo shyyy. In elementary school I used to be scared to ask for a ball or something because I didn't
know the teachers or I just had the same friends because I didn't want to talk to the other children. Later I. always didn't want to pay on my own. But I think it was in the 7th grade when I decided to be more confident.
I mean there is nothing wrong with being shy but I feel like everyone prefers confidence. Actually my favorite movie helped me with that challenge. "10 things I hate about you" shows just how to be tough and not care about the things people say. The protagonist Kat is a really though girl and she doesn't care what people. I definitely recommend it but if you already know it or you don't like it keep saying yourself that you are something special, you are made for this challenge called life. During a conversation with somebody new try to look at their eyes, smile often and raise your voice. I mean don't yell at them but speak loud enough and clearly. When you walk around for example in school keep your back straight, look up and have an open body language.

Especially as I girl we always have to deal with stupid comments, we are treated like a baby or like we can't do anything properly. So instead of running away stand up for yourself and if they try to make you feel insecure again just show them the middle finger, tell them to shut up because you know that you don't deserve it.
Thanks for reading this article and I hope it will help you.

Ps: I always use the middle finger idea. Just kidding. I don't.... maybe....who knowsss?