Earlier today I was asked this very question.
"What is the most important thing to you?"
My reply was this:

You my not belive me but it's my friends, I dont have a particular 'bestie', i have my group of friends. They have helped me overcome lots of fears and some or my depression as well. Whilst my depression might not be fully gone and they dont know they've helped, they have quite a lot.When started at my secondary school, I only knew a handfull of people, It wasn't the particular school I wanted to go to but I am so so glad I got in. All of my friends are completely different, some are gay, some are bi, some are really talented at art, some love transformers, some are really good singers, some have detentions every week, some are boys, some are girls, some live on the other side of the country, some are older, some are younger but what I do know is that we care for each other like family.even though I don't speak to some any more, I want them to know this. I will (hopefully) remember you. But one day if we don't talk for a while just rememer, i'm always here for you, I would always try and fix an argument between us (and if i don't then you have really pissed me off). But let's stay friends forever.