I highly recommend all of them because they are so well written, actors are good chosen and the plot totally get you into.

Stranger Things

stranger things, finn wolfhard, and noah schnapp image stranger things, netflix, and series image finn wolfhard, stranger things, and mike image gif, tv show, and netflix image
context_page=2&context_query=stranger+things&context_type=search I know that everybody recommend this show but if you doesn't watched it yet then what the hell you do ???!! IT IS AWESOME !


glitch, tv show, and netflix image glitch, tv show, and netflix image glitch, tv show, and netflix image glitch, tv show, and netflix image
"...seven people have inexplicably risen from the dead in perfect health." After I read the description I was like "Oh God I'm gonna watching it!"

13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why and hannah baker image 13 reasons why, hannah baker, and quotes image 13 reasons why, quotes, and suicide image 13 reasons why, alex, and alex standall image
This show gets me so emotionally.. I wanna read the book that inspired the directors of this show.


angry, gif, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers image vikings and bjรถrn ironside image ship, vikings, and lagertha image gif, tv series, and vikings image
This show is amazing... so well written and so well filmed. I really love this show.


aesthetic, ar, and emma image black, blood, and die image alone, audrey, and feelings image scream, tom maden, and brooke maddox image
One of my favorite shows EVER !! I recommend with all my heart.

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