Dear future child

I don’t know you yet. I don’t know what you look like, I don’t know how you are.
But there’s one thing that I’m absolutely 100 percent sure about, and that’s that you are beautiful. Don’t ever think twice about that, because you really are. I’m not only saying this because you’re going to be my child, I’m saying it, because I’m sure that you are just enough. You are not less and you are not more, you are enough.

I hope that you’ll grow up better that I did, and I hope that you’ll have a fair life, with a lot of love. I hope that I can give you what you want, while still teaching you that you have to work and fight sometimes, for what you really want. I hope that I’m able to teach you that money isn’t everything in life, that love is much better.

I wish that I can be able to make you learn of your mistakes, and not try to forget nor regret them. I hope that you’ll know, that we all make fails, and that it’s just a part of life, and a part of who we are.
I hope that you know that it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to want to re-do them for a while, but at some kind of point, then you also have to accept them and move on, with them.

I hope that I can watch you grow up to be a strong human. No matter what race or gender you are.

I wish that I can teach you about accepting other cultures and races. I hope that you’ll see inside people, instead of the outside. I hope that you’re both able to see the good and the bad in people, and that you’re able to separate these two things, I hope that’ll you accept everyone for who they are, no matter if you hate or love them, or just don’t have an opinion on them.

I hope that I can make you love yourself for who you are. I hope that you’ll see yourself as beautiful, but that you won’t make anyone else feel down about themselves. I hope that one day I won’t have to tell you that I love you, or that you’re beautiful, because you’ll know then. I’ll always tell you that I love you, and that you’re beautiful, but I do hope that you realize it’s the truth.

I wish that you’ll grow up, and not be ashamed of who you are, whether you might grow up to be gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, pansexual or something else. I hope that you know, that you don’t have to hide it, and that it’s okay, that it’s normal. I hope that you’re not afraid to tell me if you’re having trouble with your sexuality or anything else, cause it’s alright. We’ve all been there.

Dear future child, I hope that you know that you’re pure perfection no matter what you might look like, and what you might be like. I love you. Thank you for being you.