Emily Lockhart "We were liars"

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Silence is a protective veil from pain
Just think about it before you complain about things that other people just dream about.

Do not put up with the evil that you can change.
Never take seats in the back row. Winners sit in front.
Be a little kinder than you should.

Never complain. Never justify yourself.
All my friends gradually became familiar.

No, an unacceptable answer.

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

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Secrets have power, if someone knows about their existence

Do not whine. Do not attack in response. Do not be pathetic. Do not show that I'm angry.
It's better to be alone, she thinks, than with someone who does not see you as you are. It is better to lead than follow. It is better to speak than to remain silent. It's better to open the doors than to slam them in front of the others. It will not be simple and sweet. It will not be what everyone wants to see it.