Hello everyone! Today, I´m coming at you with a review of a book I´ve wanted to read for a long time, and it´s actually the first book I read in 2018.

As always, I´m writing a review with no spoilers.

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Dangerous Lies by Becca Fitzpatrick

In this book we have the principal character: Estella Goodwin; and her important people: Carmina Songster and Chet Falconer.

Our story starts when Estella is sent to Thunder Basin, (Nebraska) with the new name of Stella Gordon by the Witness Protection Program after witnessing a murder by a drug dealer. She is supposed to stay with an ex-police officer (Carmina), until the end of the summer, when the trial finishes.

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As a Philadelphia rich girl, she isn´t used to behave correctly. Her life was been based on having whatever she wants, parties and go outs with her friends and her boyfriend Reed since her mother, Savannah, got into drugs years ago.

One night, she meets her hot neighbor, Chet Falconer, who apparently has bad relationship with Carmina. And of course, she wants to know why.

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Getting to used to live on a farm, work on a dinner, live under Carmina´s rules, try not to fall for Chet and other issues will be Stella´s summer challenges. But that wouldn´t be as hard as trying to forget what happened to her in the past and be someone else, or forgive her mother for going on drugs all those years. Or even worse, keep a huge secret that could cost her life, and Savannah´s.

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This story talks about keeping secrets, accepting mistakes, family, love, bonding, the importance of truth, but most importantly: Forgive. It teaches us that even though it may be hard, we need to forgive and let things go before they poison us or someone innocent we love.

You should read it because it will make you understand the importance of apreaciating your life and the people you love. Also, it helps you accept that people make mistakes, and you can forgive without letting things go back to the way they used to be. And that´s okay.

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The author, Becca Fitzpatrick, also wrote the Hush Hush saga, and another book named Black Ice. This last one has a similar sinopsis.

I don´t know the book´s classification, but I would put it in Mystery Books. It has some graphic violence scenes and a very strong plot twist, so I would recommend it to readers over 15 or 16 years old.

I rate it five of five stars.

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