Hey everyone! My name is Angelika. For the first WHI article, i decided to write 50 facts about myself. I thought this would be a great way to get to know me a little bit.

1. my name means ''angel''
2. i have green eyes
3. english is my second language so i'll try my best
4. i'm currently reading a book called six of crows(it's really great)
5. i tend to procrastinate when i'm anxious (and i'm anxious all the time tbh)
6. i listen to a lot of old music from the 80s/90s, but also today's pop/rock/folk/indie(so everything)
7. my favorite band is nirvana
8. my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate
9. i'm libra
10. i'm afraid of heights, losing my loved ones and failure
11. i love watching football but i'm bad at playing it so..
12. my favorite book series are harry potter and vampire academy
13. my first celebrity crush was orlando bloom
14. last movie i watched was moulin rouge!
15. i'm more of a cat person
16. i have a small group of friends
17. my favorite tv shows include stranger things, brooklyn nine-nine and game of thrones
18. i love people who can make me laugh
19. i'm left-handed
20. my best friend lives in new zealand while i live in estonia(it's 15000km) so i only see her in summer and i'm always depressed about it.
21. i don't like being in the center of attention
22. i'm really annoying and i know that but i'm not going to stop lol
23. i get obsessed really easily
24. i'm on tumblr 24/7
25. i hate people who cancel at the last minute
26. i hate people who chew with their mouth open
27. i'm searching for movies and tv shows more than actually watching them
28. thing i love most about myself is that i can make other people laugh
29. school stresses me out
30. i'm really nostalgic about everything
31. i am really bad at making eye contact
32. i love singing and dancing(but only when i'm alone lol)
33. my ideal saturday night would probably be with netflix and a hot bath
34. i love rainy days and staying inside
35. i like to be home alone so i can listen to music at max volume lmao
36. i'm 5'4
37. my favorite subject in school is probably literature and i hate science
38. my favorite actress is jessica chastain
39. my favorite actors are river phoenix and oscar isaac
40. i believe in aliens
41. i never shut up about my fandoms
42. i'm a chocoholic
43. i hate most of the rom-coms(not all of them)
44. i'm easily manipulated
45. i'm a hopeless romantic
46. my favorite day of the week is friday
47. i always spend time on doing nothing cause i'm lazy af
48. my favorite singer right now is dua lipa
49. i like old things (tapes, movies, posters, music etc)
50. i'm both coffee and tea person

And that's it! Hope you got to know me a little bit more :)