To start my day in a good way, I always take time to wake up. Here is my Morning routine. Maybe you'll be inspired. For me, it helps to feel relaxed during the rest of the day.


I know this one is tricky because a lot of people say it's bad for you to hit the snooze button. It breaks up your dreamcycle and I understand it but personally I like to snooze for about 15 tot max. 30 minutes. Every 5 minutes my alarm goes off with a relaxing and happy guitar instrumental. This allows me to turn around a couple times, slip in and out of my dreams, stretch a bit while still laying down and start the day more relaxed. Some people find it easier to get out of bed straight away, so do whatever is right for you. Plus, I don't have to wake up early so It's easy for me to take half an hour to get out of bed. If you have tot wake up early, it's better to take that half hour to get more sleep.

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After getting out of bed, the first thing I do is stretch it out. It helps me to wake up and feel more energized quickly.

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Hydrate & Cleanse

The first thing I do next is cleaning my face with micilair water. I do this twice a day, mornings and evening. I drink a glass of water at the same time.

Open up the window, let in the light children!

(Yes, that was a Princess and the Frog reference)
Whether it's still dark outside or the sun is shining, I always open the curtains of my bedroom and pop the windows open to let in fresh air. I don't really make the bed but I draw the sheets back so the air can get underneath. Then I open the curtains in my livingroom and open the windows (even in winter, only for a few minutes. Just put on a warm cozy sweater).


I have a calander from Happinez magazine. It contains quotes and stuff from filosophers, psychologistst, theologists and many more. For me it's a good way to take a moment to realise another day has begun with endless possibilities, with a positive quote and something to think about.

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Breakfast time!

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I love eating, I love breakfast and I take my time for it. It's the only meal of the day I eat sitting at my table. I always start with a piece of fruit, cold water from the fridge and green tea. I eat bread in the morning or oatmeal, or Greek yoghurt with grains and raisons. Sometimes I do something "special" like eggs or a breakfast wrap! I drink two cups of green tea.


While eating breakfast, I read a page a day from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. (Dicht bij Jezus in het Nederlands). This contains two or three Bible verses and a message "from" God. Normally when we pray, we talk to Him. We don't hear him literally speaking to us. Sarah Young wrote this book the other way around. Keep in mind it is written by a human but inspired by God. It's a great way to start the day with God and have a different mindset which helps letting go of whatever is coming your way and trusting God to lead you through it.

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After that, I read some more. Just an ordinary book from Young Adults to fantasy to romance or a thriller. I love reading and starting the day reading an actual book instead of staring at a screen really helps me relax and to mantain that feeling throughout the day.

Getting dressed

I study at home so I have many days where I don't have to leave the house if I don't have any appointments and all the groceries are in. I try to get dressed every day anyway. It helps being more productive, keeps me energized and makes me happier. (Trust me, I have enough pyjama days).

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This is the time to start studying, do house chores or get on my way if I need to be somewhere. Happy and relaxed! And so can you. It is worth the extra time, I promise <3

- In Omnia Paratus - Ready for anything -

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