Hello honeys, how are you? Today for me it was a fairly agitated morning but basically nothing that can not be resolved, we try to find the positive side of the situation!
I would say that now I can leave to answer the fifth question, I can not wait!
Here we go!

5.What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

1. Okey, I think the thing that makes me happier right now is making people happy, especially the people I love. I like making myself useful for them, trying to help them, see them smile and be happy. This thing gratifies me a lot and at the same time makes me happy too. I think one of the most important things for me is the happiness and good of my loved ones.

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2. The second thing that makes me happy is to follow my greatest passion, the design. I have been practicing this activity since I was a child and it is something that keeps me busy and keeps me away from bad thoughts and everyday stress. With the design I can express my emotions through shapes, colors, shades and at the same time in some way I represent my dreams, my imagination, my creativity.

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3. The third thing that makes me happy is the music. Sometimes it seems that music understands how I feel, whether it's in a good mood or that the day has gone wrong. Music keeps me company, it's like it never leaves me alone and often expresses my thoughts, my emotions, things that sometimes I can not express in words.

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4. The fourth thing that makes me happy is spending time with those who make me feel good, in this case it is about my family and my friends. When I'm with my family, I feel protected, as if I was always their little girl, even though I'm growing up. When I'm with my friends I can bring out my true personality, discover sides of myself that I did not know before.

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5. Finally, the last thing that makes me happy is going out and taking long walks, especially if I do it alone. Sometimes I feel the need to take time only for myself, in those cases I go to quiet places like the beach, the park, or a cultural place. I like to feel the silence, maybe just the sounds of nature around me. This atmosphere helps me to reflect on many things and makes me feel a sense of tranquility and well-being.

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Fine! Now I feel much better, I think now I can take the day under another aspect and I can do everything to improve it.
I hope you enjoyed the article!
We'll talk to you tomorrow with a new question!