To say they were just green would be an insult,
they were more than that,
they were love, hate, intelligence, hope, mischief, life...
They were everything I cherished.

Warmth radiated from them, cocooning me, holding me,
saving me.

In the dark they stood out, tempting me to look closer, to see the deepest forest, the purest flowers, the world before they destroyed it.
In the sun, they shone like nothing I'd ever seen before,
like the wonder of the northern light, like the vastest meadow.
They called to me, related to me, wanted me to never look away.

But those eyes would look at me but never see me,
they never saw my want, my need, my desperation to dive in
and experience the never ending life that seemed to pool within those eyes.

You were the boy with the green eyes.

That's when it happened,
when those eyes saw death stalking towards them.
But you survived.

You don't look the same,
those eyes don't seem the same,
they aren't as bright or as full of light.
You hide away because
people don't know how to act in front of you,
I did. I do.

And then you saw me. You saw me for the first time since
and they began to glow,
you began to see what I saw, what I loved, what I always will love.
Now we see the same thing,
we see what no on else sees,
we see the hidden beauty of life.
I see it in those eyes...

In those green eyes.