Hello and welcome to another article. We all want clear, beautiful and natural glowing skin, right? But sometimes it is hard to achieve it.

In this article I will present you 4 products that truly affects your skin for the better, giving it a natural glow.


1. aloe vera

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Gel is the best option when using aloe vera. It helps a lot, specially to reduce redness and red spots on the face. Everytime my face appears with redness I apply aloe vera gel for some minutes and then remove the excess with lukewarm water, it instantly takes away the majority if not all the redness. It also helps with burns.

2. coconut oil

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It is often said that coconut oil should not be used on the face if you have oily skin. However, if you have dry skin it definitely helps and it quickly gives your skin a natural glow. Apply it every night or morning, I can tell from experience that the results are incredibly quick, the more you use it you'll see you'll wake up every morning with clear and glowing skin.

3. almond oil

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Like coconut oil, almond oil also gives you an instant natural glow. Another benefit is that almond oil really makes your skin very soft to the touch. Apply it every time you feel like your skin is too dry and let it work its magic! It also helps a lot when the skin is exposed to cold weather.

4. micellar water

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Micellar water does wonders! It works as a makeup remover and also cleanser. Even when you're not wearing makeup, try to clean your face with micellar water before going to bed to make sure there are no impurities in your skin.

I hope you liked this article and that it helps! Don't forget that you must combine the use of these products with a healthy diet, exercise and a lot of water consume, as these steps make it much easier for your skin.

Thank you for reading.

~ mags (@loveinbrooklyn)

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Disclaimer: different things work for different people, some of these products may not help with your type of skin while it can help with others. This article is based on my personal experience with these products which I know can really work on my skin and also others, but certainly not all.