makeup could have different connotations. for different people its different things. sometimes even the same. some may think it is a witless waste of money. some may consider it a way to conceal their insecurities. and some others, like me, may just interpret it as another form of art.

yeah, to me makeup is like another form of art. that's what i interpret it as. but that doesn't mean i don't use it to make myself better, and no that doesn't mean i don't think that is an absolute waste of money.

i don't know why i was so compelled to write this article, perhaps i am writing it because i am sick of people always assuming that makeup is only worn to impress others. it could be worn to impress others, there is nothing wrong with that but that isn't the case for all. it just makes me so angry because humans are just so judgmental aren't they? i could go on an hour long rant about this, i'm not even kidding.

"you don't need makeup." "makeup is bad for you." i have heard these sentences so many times, and god, i'm sure at one point of time i might have said it too.

yes, sometimes you can feel like you're pressured by the society to wear makeup, and you might want to resist. but that isn't the case for a lot of other people. they might just want to express themselves, i know alot of people who do that.

so just stop, stop telling people they look emo or goth when they do a smokey eye. and stop asking them who they're trying to impress when you spot them wearing a red lip.

again, i have no clue why i'm writing this. and i probably will get backlash because people are just offended by everything aren't they? i am not sure on how im going to conclude this. but lemme just say, if it makes you happy, wear it.