Hello !
January is soon over and the cold weather is still here; it passes under our coats and freeze our bones. The wind blows in my hair and prevents me from moving forward. But in fact, I'm happy today. I arrived in Dublin two weeks ago and I don't care about the rain, the snow; i'm just totally amazed by this little city full of churchs, great peoples and pretty architectures.

dublin, ireland, and 🇮🇪 image

I have already make a lot of visit lithe the connemara (yes like the french music of Sardou !) and Galway (like Ed sheeran song !). And it was a perfect day like a dream when you just have the impression that you aren't really here because it's too beautiful to be real.

Connemara, ireland, and County Galway image beautiful, cities, and city image ireland and travel image

I know I take time to write my new article because I was busy and loose all my habits. But you make me so happy when I'm here and I talk to you !! (in addition, it helps me to improve my English ;).

PS: I have my driving licence I'm sooooo happy about that :D (but it also make me laugh because I got it and 2 days after I leaved for a country where they drive on the other side so I can't take a car !!)

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To all my little hearts
With love