I wil be doing a 30 day challenge and I will be collecting my favorite picture from each day here! Everyone can join in if they chose. I have a collection dedicated to the challenge so you can look threw them and pick your favorites out as well! And at the end I will be making a collage out of them! Cant wait to see it and everyone else's!!

challenge and photography image

Fave from
Day 1

rain, autumn, and fall image

Reminds me of Washington weather while on the roads!

Day 2

the greatest showman image

Not only was this a great movie, but they are a good representation of how strangers can come together and become so much more!

Day 3

food, healthy, and rice image

It was the most appetizing looking and could be something I can make at anytime.

Day 4

lights, winter, and home image

As someone who loves to take baths this picture is just so serene and has so many different colors in it that it just looks so nice. I wish This could be my bathroom that I can relax everyday!

Day 5

blue, grunge, and hands image

When I think of darkness I think of that feeling you get of not being alone in the dark. That feeling of someone else or something else being there with you, but only when its night. So I chose this image to represent that.

Day 6

art, paint, and colors image

If it's dry it would feel like one texture and if its wet it would feel like another and I think that's pretty cool haha!

Day 7

aesthetic, organized, and black image

Having things clean and organized is the best! I love when I can just reach into my closet and there is everything and I don't have to check if its clean or not cuz it already is guaranteed to be!

Day 8

Image by peachy

Glitter is crazy messy and you find them everywhere and thats when you find them they are always with the dirt ugh.

Day 9

funny, lol, and me image

Two things I love reading stories on line and Star Wars. Also its pretty funny to me so its a win win!


rain, girl, and drops image

As a Washington girl this is very much what I'm use to when looking outside, rain, rain, and yet still looking out. Its got that odd comforting thing that you can't really explain.


flowers, nature, and japan image

Its such a beautiful view and I would love to see that everyday.

Day 12

art, beautiful, and drawing image

This was a great portrait that was drawn/ I love art so this made the most sense to go with.


water, grunge, and alone image

Being out in nature in your purist form just seems so great.


winter image

This is what my dream life would be like! And its my goal life! definitely its own type of Luxury!

Day 15

apple, iphone, and macbook image

Have to gear up in order to stay connected with everyone. Nowadays you gotta be connected to spread positive vibes!

Day 16

beautiful, love, and kitten image

I have a cat just like this, but he's a lot older now. He's almost as old as me in human years which makes him ancient in cat years!


aesthetic, alternative, and art image

I liked this the best its symmetrical and yet not the typical symmetric style.


art, sky, and tree image

I loved this so much, I love painting so this was a great one to add to the list!


Image by cantualessandra

Super cute!

Day 20

art, colourful, and doors image

If this ain't me! haha when a Guy hits on you, but you ain't straight or interested!

Day 21

art, movement, and strength image

I wish I could do this!

Day 22
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