Remember when you were depressed or unhappy and the only thing that kept you alive was your fandom? Yeah, Same!
Watching takeovers, interviews and live streams of your idols can brighten your day or your month or your year. But it's TEMPORARY happiness. That feeling will never last forever because your idols will not make the news headlines forever. They come and go.
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Sometimes the boy band you're obsessed with; loses a member and it's a hard pill to swallow. Do you take sides or nah?
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Sometimes the girl group you stan loses a member and the others' careers end there. It's even harder to watch them "flop" because you witnessed their talents.
It only hurts because you dedicated a part of your life to obsessing over other people's lives.
- How to stop?
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Go out, find hobbies, make friends, fall in love, live YOUR OWN life instead of trying to control the lives of your idols.
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Take care of your body
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reading books is an amazing habit.
Finally, stay away from clevver news, Hollyscoop, Hollywire, Billboard News, Perez Hilton, etc... They only report celebrities news in a way that is going to generate the most clicks for the website instead of providing facts. This creates drama in fandoms which creates even more stories for these websites and obviously more clicks and views.
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