I will start by starting the year sharing my playlist

I have some songs that I listen when I go in the transpor to my house, I do the homework, I'm painting in my room, when I'm reading some book, even when I just do not have anything to do.

It's a good option for do whatever you want, but with music

#1 Blackbear

blackbear, red, and idfc image
His lyrics are so relaxing, my favorite song is do re mi, it's so cool.

#2 The Neighbourhood

the neighbourhood, wiped out, and album image
Personally I love this band, I really love it, especially I love hear when I'm drawing.

#3 Sevdaliza

Collage, sculpture, and statue image
My favorite song is Marilyn Monroe <3

#4 Dua Lipa

dua lipa image

#5 Halsey

halsey, badlands, and blue image

#6 Sia

️sia, the greatest, and maddie ziegler image

#7 Lana Del Rey

ultraviolence and lana del rey image

#8 To love

music, song, and tove lo image

#9 Bishop Briggs

adidas, music, and singer image dark side, music, and bishop image

#10 Jaymes Young

james young image music, spotify, and jaymes young image

#11 Transviolet

song, glitter background, and nightvision image

#12 Michl

michl image

#13 Flume

flume, music, and disclosure image

#14 EDEN

artist, drugs, and eden image

#15 Billie Elish

Temporarily removed

#16 Harry "Daddy" Styles

Harry Styles, harry, and one direction image boys, celebrity, and harry image Harry Styles, harry, and style image

#17 Zayn Malik

Image by veronikka

#18 Ruelle

music, artista, and ruelle image

#19 Skott

amelia, good, and love image

#20 Ansel Elgort

ansel elgort, the fault in our stars, and tfios image thief and ansel elgort image

This does haven't an order of preference, I hope to enjoy my music, and appreciate like me. <3