Currently it is 11:02 and I'm just starting to write this hehe. Later than never (idk if it's well written) For today's article I have to write % places I want to visit in the future, in my dreams, or whenever but places that I really want to visit. Let me add that I am the kind of girl who prefers knowing more about their own culture before going abroad, idt if I explained myself correctly but what I mean is that I prefer to travel first to a few places in my own country and then I would like to go abroad.I'm from Perú, I'm a proud Peruvian who has visited just 2 places wich are Huancayo and Selva Central and I want to visit 3 more places that you'll mention after. I love to travel but sometimes there are moments in which you simply can't go everywhere because of money or other reasons. You just gotta accept that and work hard to change it. Too much Bla bla bla, let's start.

  • Cusco

I'll insert some links so you can know the place I refer to. I didn't have the opportunity to go there in these 17 years of my life, but I really want to go and with my family. I'm sure most of you may know this place.

These are some places that you should visit if you go to Cusco. Obviously Cusco is located in Perú.

  • Piura

This is another city of Perú which has many places to visit with breathtaking views.

Basically I want to go there to visit Mancora, full of water, sun and sand. An amazing beach. Love it.

  • Puno

This is the last city, which belongs to Perú, that I want to mention in this article cause I want to write about some other countries as well.

As you can see is really different from we may be accostumed but sill want to go there.

  • México

Specifically I want to visit Cancún, but honestly there are other beautiful places is México. Just stepping on México land would mean a lot!.

  • Hawaii

Any beach would be fantastic!

I'm sure you'll want to go there as well if you like the summer and beaches.

3 things to say. First of all, I'm really sorry for inserting links instead of pictures, but I don't really know how to insert them. I'm really really sorry, I hope you understand me :(. Second of all, Another apology for posting this article so so late. Thrid of all, tomorrow is my birthda so I hope you pardon me for being my bday hehe. Love you guys.

Best wishes for you
Susan Nayeli