You scratch and growl
With claws and teeth of steel
Chest out, proud
Smirking like the insolent beast you are

You push, you stomp, you pounce
Asserting dominance wherever you can
Others fawn and kiss your ass
I will not partake

Although I quiver and squeak and cower
My voice screams louder than yours ever will
Although your following is large
They are meek

While my crowd may be small
Two or three at best
The strength I receive is more
than your assortment can give you

They shout, yell, screech, and whoop
For not only the little, but the big
Yours might do the same
But unlike mine, it isn’t out of joy

The fear you have instilled is not one to be pleased of
When you raise your voice, they recoil
Whether it be anger or joy
For they never know which one

You never get pushed to become better
Because you believe you are perfection
And damn anyone who tries to tell you different
For everyone else is wrong, whilst you must be right

My people don’t expect perfection
But they do know when I can do better
While you are applauded for treating the nerd rudely
I am applauded for helping him out

For it is not the confidence
We need to worry about with you
It’s the character you seemed to misplace
Though still blossoming beneath the cold cage you have placed it in

You tend to see the bad
in those who don’t agree with your ways
But even with the cocky façade
I still see the good within you

And one day, I hope you can see it too