Hiii friends!!

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earlier this week, my boyfriend promposed to me!! We live 5hrs apart, so he mailed me scramble pieces & I had to figure out what it said!

There are so many cute ways to ask somebody to prom, so I thought I'd share some ideas. Also, if there's a person you want to go with & you feel like you should wait to be asked, there's no shame in being the one to ask them!! Be an empowered woman!! no shame in being the one to ask, I think it shows that you're powerful and independent! anyway, here are some ideas:

1. do it with food/drink!

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who doesn't love being asked to prom while getting a free meal?

2. ask with a pun!

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punny promposals for the win!

3. coordinate it with something they love!

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hobbies or tv shows are great to include in a promposal!

4. get artsy!

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ask aesthetically, with pictures or lights!

hope this helps! remember, if you don't have anyone to ask, there's nothing wrong with going alone, and it's not anything to get stressed out about. You will look beautiful, & prom is about having fun! so don't worry too much about getting a date :)