Hey guys, I'm so so sorry, I disappeared just like that, I've been so busy this last 2 months, but I'm back, and I am going to finish this challenge.

Today I'm gonna list 10 things I would tell my 16-year-old self if I could.

There's a lot I would tell myself, where do I begin?

10. Think about your future, don't take it so lightly, is not as easy as you think. You better find out what you really love and the path you are going to follow, don't wait 'till the last moment, cause everything gets more and more complicated.

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9. Enjoy your friends, you won't be able to be in touch with all of them someday, not because you are not friends anymore, but because everyones is going to be into different things then. They will have kids, for example.

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8. Raise your voice. You feel like no one is paying attention or nobody cares about you, nobody even knows you exist, then show them you do exist, and you are worth as much as they do. Don't let anyone step on you, ever.

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7. Believe in your parents, they want the best for you, take everything they are offering you, they won't be always there.

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6. Hug your grandparents, help them, listen to them, talk to them, love them. Right now it feels like they will be there forever, but they won't, they are going to leave so suddenly, you will regret every time you missed the opportunity of a hug, and you are going to miss their advise as well.

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5. Not everyone has good intentions, be careful who you trust, be careful with the things you believe. Don't be to naive, you can be a good person, but you can't help someone to get up if all they are doing is pulling you down.

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4. You don't need a boyfriend to know you are pretty or worthy, stop thinking nobody wants to be with you, stop thinking you will be alone forever, someone will find the beauty in you and will embrace it. You don't have to rush.

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3. Everything you do, do it because you want to, not because everyone else is doing it, or because you feel insecure, you definitely won't feel satisfied.

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2. Take chances and risks, stop being to afraid of the consequences, I mean, think about them, but don't stop just because you're too affraid.

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1. Believe in yourself, that's the key, as long as you are confident on who you are, what you like, what you do, and why, you don't have to prove a thing to anyone, cause by doing that you are already showing without even trying.

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That's it, I feel like I could say a lot more, but this is what I can take out from my chest right now. I know this won't change a thing on my past, but what I've learned sure will change my present and future, and I hope I can help you too.

See you in challenge day 5, and this time I promise I will be constant. Bye