Usually, when I want to take a break from everything, I remember the music. Here I have some songs that I listen to when I'm stressed or tired ;

Good - Allie x

alternative, beautiful, and crush image alternative, beautiful, and girls image aesthetic and allie x image allie x image

Rise - Selena Gomez

Image by Baby Troye selena gomez, gomez, and hair image selena gomez image selena gomez and selenagomez image

Boys - Charli XCX

pizza, charli xcx, and grunge image charli xcx image charli xcx image Image by lau_ok02

i can't breathe - Bea Miller

bea miller, flowers, and icon image bea, bea miller, and beamiller image bea miller image bea miller image

Begging - Dua Lipa

dua lipa and icon image aesthetic, alternative, and black image dua lipa and black image Image by Manuela

Wildest Dreams (acoustic) - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, 1989, and polaroid image Taylor Swift, 1989, and blank space image Taylor Swift, 1989, and polaroid image 1989, Taylor Swift, and polaroid image

thanks for reading!