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The wildflowers haven't been back since they were replaced by wildfires.

My mother warned me of the men with no faces, and one day they came into our kingdom and ran along the hilltops with a flame of fire following their heels. The flowers ran and hid that day. The runaway roses and look-away lilies took their leaves of absence and abandoned their thrones. They huddled in the darkness with shaking hands and fearful tears gathering in their eyes, just as I did that horrible day.

I long to see the natural beauty of the once vibrant hills. I barely remember the way the wind used to sway them into a colorful dance, wafting sweet smells down into the valley. It's been ten years since the horrible artists came and painted hills black like tar that fills the lungs of smoker's who have lost their care.

It's been ten years, and now I am grown. I have witnessed the injustice, I have endured the oppression. I have made friends with the flowers and the flame, and we are ready for revenge. The hills rise in the distance like the swollen bellies of the greedy. I step out into the cynical air, and I breathe in the corruption. My hair is tied, and my skin is painted red. My walk down the cobblestone pathway is one with purpose. The castle waits in the distance.

I whistle a tune, matching it with my steps. This is revenge road, and I lay the bricks as I walk. If the night rains with flame I will dance beneath it. If the air fills with poison I will breathe it in gladly.

The look-away lilies are my lieutenants, and the runaway roses are my foot soldiers, and what an honor it will be, to die for the flowers with petals that fall like Kings from power.

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For those of you who have read my other articles, this excerpt is very different than those I have wrote before. It's actually because this was a very rough draft/excerpt of the book that I have since finished. It's so cool to now look back and see how much I have changed, and also how my story changed. Also, I created a blog! and you can subscribe to it if you want to get updates on my book's release and/or read some of my stories:) Thanks for reading!