Growing up, I never understood why someone needs friends. I mean, you have family and you have people who you are in a relationship with so why do you need friends? Now, I realize that friends are super important - not just "fake" friends but real ones. The ones who know you have a presentation today and ask you how it went or send a quick "good luck".

As I got older, I came to understand that I never really had "true" friends growing up. I always connected with a few people throughout school or college or work but each time I graduated or switched to a new job - that friend fizzled away. Yes, we could still grab a coffee or dinner and have an amazing time - but it wasn't exactly best friend status.

Sometimes I feel so alone. I had one friend who I thought was my best friend recently but I don't think he thought of me like that. We talked every single day morning and night, but then I came to realize that he didn't think of me as a close friend. I had to distance myself...

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