Don’t choose her over me

I’m not pretty enough
I’m not funny enough
I’m awkward
And there she is
She’s funny, pretty, and smart

Why would you ever choose me over her?

Every time I think about you liking her, it makes me sad because I know it’s possible. I try to get you out of my head. I even pray that I can get you off my mind. Yet, you are still there crowding my thoughts .

I guess I’m addicted to hurt because I just keep falling for people. I just think to myself is he being friendly or does he like. Deep down I know it might just be because you’re a funny person and that’s what made me fall so deep.

I still hold the hope that you may like me

The sad thing I must say is if he leaves you wondering, then save your heart and move on. It’s hopeless and there is world filled with those you’d never have to question. So cheer up princess, if it’s meant to be then it’ll be. Keep an open mind on the possibilities and push him aside even just for a while.